Cifra World

Visiting Moscow

Cifra Hungarian Days in Moscow
2015. September 18-20.

The Hungarian Culture Institute organizes a season-open-event every year. The Cifra Műhely Egyesület introduces itself that year. The visitors could get information about our colourful culture through exhibitions, folk concerts, folk-dance-shows, folk dance workshops, old professions and folk gastronomy.

We also presented our ‘Room from Méra’ exhibition full of vintage and handmade furnitures and clothes from Transylvania. There was also a video presentation about the culture of the Kalotaszeg area. (this production is co-made with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences). This area was also photographed by Tünde Havasmezői photographer and her photos were exhibited too.


Our show included some other things like folk fashion show, handcraft workshop, beading for adults, leather-based processes. For the gastronomy lovers we brought some premium, homemade smoked meats, wines and pálinkas for tasting. We would like to thank the cooperation to Deé family winery (from Pannonhalma), Fritz Winehouse (from Szekszárd), Tamás and Zsolt Gere winery (from Villány).

The show had also a live folk band called Fajkusz Band from Sopron and an instrument presentation full of folk instruments. At the end of the day we organized a unique Kalotaszeg-type dance party, that was absolutely popular by the visitors.

Közzétette: Cifra Műhely Egyesület – 2015. október 8., csütörtök