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We are labouring for many years to treat witch care our material and spiritual values and traditions. In the hard economic situation nowadays is the work of a non-profit association difficult to manage. To achieve our objectives, to fulfil our plans and to continue our work please help our association with a charitable donation.


VAT Number: 18034941-1-08

Account Number: 58600283-11190428


Cifra Műhely Közhasznú Kulturális Egyesület

(“Cifra Műhely” Non-profit Cultural Association)

“On the road of traditions”

Address: 9023 Győr, Buda str. 19.



Facebook: ciframuhely.egyesulet


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Deésy Gábor

CEO of association

Mobile phone: +36 30 901 2822

Varga János

Organisation and PR

Mobile phone +36 70 431 6834


Would you like to be a member in our association to help us with your knowledge and your cheer? Send the declaration of access below in our e-mail address:

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